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Gloria Borger Biography

Gloria Anne Borger is an American journalist working for Cable News Network (CNN) as their senior political analyst. She is seen regularly on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper’s AC360 and across the network’s late-night shows.

Gloeia Borger Photo
Gloeia Borger Photo

Gloria Borger Age

Borger was born on September 22, 1952, in New Rochelle, New York, U.S. She is 70 years old.

Gloria Borger Height

She stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Gloria Borger Family

Borger was born to a Jewish family. She was raised in New Rochelle, New York. Her father owned Borger’s, a distributor of electrical appliances.

Gloria Borger Husband

Lance Morgan is the husband of CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger. The couple walked down the aisle during their wedding on Sep. 1974. They live in Washington, D.C. He completed his master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Starter his career, Morgan was a reporter for The Buffalo Courier-Express and now works as a public relations executive. In this role, he serves as the senior communication strategist at a firm named Powell Tate, a globally operating company. Earlier on, he was a chief communication strategist and worked as a press secretary to Daniel Patrick Moynihan and also a spokesperson for the US Senate Iran-Contra Investigating Committee.

Gloria Borger Sons

Gloria Borger, a CNN broadcaster, has 2 sons. Her son Evan is married to Mary Anne Huntsman. She is the daughter of a politician named Jon Huntsman Jr.

Gloria Borger Education

After completing her early education at New Rochelle High School, Borger graduated in 1970. Afterward, she graduated in 1974 from Colgate University, where she worked on the board of trustees.

Gloria Borger CNN

Gloria Anne Borger is an American journalist working for Cable News Network (CNN), as their senior political analyst. She is seen regularly on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper’s AC360 and across the network’s primetime programs.

While reporting on a variety of political and breaking news stories, Borger plays an instrumental role in the network’s daily coverage. This includes Congressional investigations, midterm and presidential elections, major Supreme Court rulings, and more.

Borger played a key role in the network’s unique coverage covering both RNC and DNC conventions and election night, while in the 2020 cycle, as in cycles past. Besides her duties, she hosted the network’s documentary called “Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey,” where she questioned the President-elect and also did an in-depth check on his nearly 5 decades of public service. Borger also covered many personal tragedies that have shaped his outlook and leadership style.

Previously in Sep. 2016, she reported on different documentaries, such as All Business: The Essential Donald Trump and Almost President: The Agony of Defeat. During the documentary regarding the life of Donald Trump which lasted for 2 hours, Borger went beyond the campaign trail to report comprehensively on his journey from his youth to his early years in Atlantic town and Manhattan, then primetime fame, to become the Republican candidate for President.

The hour-long documentary Almost President is about The Agony of Defeat and profiles ex-presidential candidates and how survived the greatest public defeat in American life, losing the American presidency. Borger interviewed different candidates and, for this reason, they all described what it’s like to live through this process and fail. Among the interviewee were: Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

The definitive story of the recount during the election of 2000, with exclusive insider stories from both sides, was Bush v. Gore, an hour-long documentary reported by Borger back in October 2015.

In 2012, she reported the network’s 90-minute documentary about the life and career of Mitt Romney—his journey in politics and dedication to his Mormon belief. Borger would later travel to France during this project, to cover Romney’s missionary life, the at the same time she conducted several comprehensive interviews with Mitt Romney and his family. Following the 2012 election, Borger performed the first extended post-election interview with Romney and his spouse Ann as they openly discussed the campaign. Also, Borger profiled House Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the same year, prior to becoming the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney. She also interviewed Joe Biden just prior to the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.

For her 2010 special for CNN, The Odd Couple, Borger gained an Emmy nomination. This resulted in her interviewing both powerhouses, Washington attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies. The 2 partisan political opposites united in a doubtful legal alliance in aid of identical-sex marriage against California’s Proposition 8. In 2013, Borger reviewed the matter again when their case in aid of identical-sex marriage was debated prior to the U.S. Supreme Court. The result was a half-an-hour CNN special, Marriage Warriors: Showdown at the Supreme Court, which earned a first-place 2014 National Headliner Award as well as the 2014 American Gavel Award from the American Judges Association.

Borger is also the correspondent for an acclaimed series of comprehensive specials, Gloria Borger Reports. As a section of that series, she interviewed ex-Vice President Joe Biden just the day ahead of the 2014 midterm elections, and also a news-making interview with ex-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a comprehensive report about presidential dynasties and wide-ranging profiles on political celebs and personalities as eclectic as advanced Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to the legendary ex-Louisiana Governor, Edwin Edwards. The segments run across all the network’s platforms, and add importance to CNN’s day-to-day coverage.

Borger has been a prominent part of all current CNN election coverage and was key to the network’s Emmy award-winning election night coverage in 2012. She also played a pivotal part in CNN’s political coverage during the 2010 midterm elections, and also historic America Votes 2008 coverage, which gained the network a Peabody Award.

Gloria Borger CBS News

Prior to her posting at CNN in Sep. 2007, Borger worked as a CBS News’ national political correspondent and a contributor to CBS’s Face the Nation, 60 Minutes II, and the network’s special events coverage. She was later the co-anchor of CNBC’s Capital Report from 2002 to 2004.

Gloria Borger The Washington Star

Borger started her professional career at The Washington Star, as a reporter. 57. During her time with The Washington Star, she covered politics and co-wrote a daily serial, ultimately published as a book, Federal Triangle, a parody of political life in Washington. Later she would become a political columnist for both U.S. News & World Report as well as a chief congressional correspondent for Newsweek.

Gloria Borger Illness

People also assumed Gloria Borger was ill because of her facelift plastic surgery. She seems to be in fine health and has made little of her weight gain in the media.

Nevertheless, Borger has suffered no health issues because of it and is now working on CNN as a political analyst. Of late she was present talking about her coworker Matthew Chance, who is currently in Ukraine covering the Ukraine-Russia dispute.

Gloria Borger Award

  • Borger was awarded the Watson Traveling Fellowship to study the British press, at the beginning of her career.

Gloria Borger Salary

Borger earns an annual salary ranging between $40,000 – $110,500.

Gloria Borger Net Worth

Borger has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Gloria Borger Twitter

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